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9 Major Traits of Psychopaths in the Making

When a psychopath is revealed, people often look retrospectively to see the signs that they may have missed. So in the spirit of preventing the development of said psychopaths, these are the warning signs that you should look out for.

February 24, 2017


Piece of the Emotional Pie is Missing

Psychopaths tend to look too deep or not deep enough into other people's emotions that they should. For example, they can mistake someone having a crush on them for love, or someone being angry at them as mild irritability. It's hard for them to understand the true meaning because they are incapable of experiencing them themselves.

No Fear

Psychopaths can definitely sense fear in others, after all, it's what gets many of them off. But they don't feel fear themselves. It must be that fearlessness that propels them to behave so outrageously.

Reaching for the Sun

While we have always been told to reach for the stars, psychopaths want the sun and the rest of the solar system. They have some of the most unfathomable and unrealistic goals you'll ever hear of.

Liar liar!

Psychopaths lie so much that it is often difficult for them to know whether they're lying or not because they are so good at it. These people can sell ice to Eskimos.

Puppet Master

Psychopaths lie so that they can manipulate others. And manipulation is just another form of control. They can fake cry on the spot and charm you out of your own clothes; they're that good.

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