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Meet The 10 Strongest Kids In The World

Hove you ever thought that you were strong just because you could carry all of your groceries in one hand? Well gett what, the kids on this list will put you to shame. Lets take a look at these strong kids.

February 24, 2017


Richard Sandrak
Richard sandrak

"Little Hercules" grew up in Ukraine and has been training since he was 2 years old. He often trained with his father and his daily regimen consists of 600 pushups and 300 squats. Recently he can be seen at Universal Studios Orlando as part of the Water World attraction.

Arat Hosseini

Arat may be the youngest on the list but he can do press-up with 15lbs weights on his back. He cal also do 360 degree spins on a trapeze and can perform splits while keeping his weight off the ground.

Guiliano Stroe

This Romainian child is known as the "World's Strongest Boy". Not only was he in the Guinness World Book Of Records in 2009 for the fastest 10-meter hand walk with a weighted ball but he can do 41 muscle-ups.

Naomi Kutin

When Naomi was 9 years old, she broke the world's power lifting record and by the time she was 10, she was able to squat 215 pounds, Today, she is still competing and is earned the nickname Supergirl.

Maryana Naumova

This 17 year old Russian has broken and set over 15 world records and is considered the "Master of Sports of Russia". She has faced some controversy as she tested positive for doping which she received a 2 year suspension penalty.

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