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10 of the Weirdest (and Coolest) Things People Found Hidden In Their Homes...

After reading this, you're gonna want to check your attic, garage, and inside of your walls to see if you can make this awesome list of household finds.

February 27, 2017


This family had been living in their house for years and found an entire servants' kitchen in the basement hidden through a door behind a bunch of junk.
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Cefn Park

Art gallery owner finds a $5 million dollar Russian Czar figure in the attic of his home in New York. It had been there for 70 years. The Russian Czar had only 50 made in 1912 and sold for $5.2 in 2013.
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10 year old from Germany finds a mummy in his grandmother's attic! His grandfather had obtained the mummy as a souvenir of a trip he made to North Africa in the 1950s.
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Two siblings found 31 love letters written by a World War I soldier hidden in their walls. The letters were returned to the woman the soldier was writing to, who is now his wife.
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An unsigned Van Gogh painting was found in the attic of a Norwegian home.
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